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You can help spread the word about Showdown at Shinagawa by posting a rating and brief review on Amazon.

Online product reviews—for all products—can be helpful, insightful, and illuminating. Books are no exception. Before you commit your hard-earned shekels to a purchase, it’s comforting to know someone else has liked it.

Feedback is always welcome. Once you’ve read Showdown at Shinagawa, we invite you to post a rating and review on Amazon. Good reviews will help us tell people about Showdown, and we appreciate your thoughts and your assistance. Even a couple of sentences, with a rating, can be very helpful.

For more private feedback, email the author at billzarchy@gmail.com

Reviews are easy! Customer Reviews on Amazon and the Kindle Store appear on the bottom half of the page, after Product Details. Any review you post for the paperback will also show up for the Kindle version, and vice versa.

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